Portable Voice Over MObile recording studio – VOMO complete instructions

Portable Voice Over MObile recording studio – VOMO complete instructions

This is a complete version of instructions on how to use the Portable Voice Over Mobile recording studio, VOMO, and some tips and tricks. Scroll down to see list of Contents.

List of contents:

Part 1 – Overview. 0:50
Part 2 – Accessories. 5:02
Part 3 – Table top set up. 12:50
Part 4 – Using Micro Mic Stand. 14:26
Part 5 – Correct Base Strap Position. 16:47
Part 6 – LED light. 19:35
Part 7 – MiniBoom 22:01
Part 8 – ScriptHolder 26:21
Part 9 – Pop Filter. 27:40
Part 10 – How to run the cables into the portable vocal booth 29:55
Part 11 – Surround Sound Hood ( SSH) 30:42
Part 12 – Setting up VOMO on a Microphone stand 34:25
Part 13 – Attaching SSH when the Booth is mounted ion a Microphone stand. 37:08

VOMO Tips and Tricks:
Why VOMO works. 39:56
How to Control Room Tone with VOMO 41:35
Secret Hack 44:48

I will also upload shorter versions, so it will be easier to find the specific topic. The product, VOMO, is already being sold online , but for whatever reason my video producer was not able to finish the Instructional Video. So i made this version from a truck stop in Alabama . I apologize for the delays and video quality, but i hope it delivers the information to successfully use the booth at its full capacity. Any questions or comments, or suggestions to improve the product ( or the instructions ) – please let me know.
Thank you Adil
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Do MORE with VOMO! Primarily designed for Voice Over actors, as portable recording studio, VOMO is a perfect solution for any vocalist who needs to record on the go or at home without spending a fortune on a walk in Sound booth. VOMO works great for voice over professionals and the new to the business of voice over. For professionals it provides a reliable and consistent acoustic environment wherever they go. It opens a new possibility to travel and still be available to do quick recordings for an important client. For new-comers to the business it takes away the headache of building your own studio and worrying about good sound. VOMO is extremely efficient and very cost effective VOMO provides mobility to voice actors and vocalists, so they do not have to be tied up to a studio in fear of losing an important client.