Dean Wendt, American Voice Actor:
Dean had tried lots of acoustic solutions and portable vocal booths throughout his career. When he stumbled upon he knew he had a winner. He quickly became a huge fan of the Carry-On Vocal Booth, VOMO. The VOMO with the Sound Isolation Hood was able to rid him of annoying reverberations that were wreaking havoc on his recordings, a problem which he had not been able to find a solution for until now.
“I’ve pretty much bought all the stuff Jeff has, It’s really great stuff.”
"No one yet has ever questioned my audio quality"
Dean Wendt, American Voice Actor

Here’s my whisper room lined with Producers Choice blankets instead of foam. I find the blankets do a much better job of acoustically treating the inside of the booth

Producer’s Choice Blankets
Paul Stefano

“The Vocal Booth To Go AVB-33 has been a real treat to my work as a VO Artist. Lots of space for all my equipment, a solid construction that fits nicely into any working room and of course ample space to perform!”  

Acoustic Vocal Booths
Bhav Parmar