“Why VOMO?” –   You ask?   Because you want to be successful in your voice acting career.

And VOMO delivers.  VOMO is your Voice Over MObile recording studio.

With VOMO all your other expensive audio recording gear suddenly make sense.

Why is that? Because for all that gear to record a nice sound you need to create a studio quality acoustic environment. That is exactly what VOMO delivers.

Got my VOMO and it’s changed everything! My auditions sound great again !! thanks!
                     Josh D.

You are welcome, Josh!

If you think about it: the best, most sensitive microphone will record all nuances of your voice and everything around you, so you would need  a sophisticated software to remove external noise and unwanted echo from your recording, and after you do that, you might realize that it also removed all the nuances of your voice that you had bought that expensive microphone for in the first place!

The trick to recording a great audio is great acoustics.  Simple.  Then you can record your audio and give it to your audio-engineer untreated, and he is going to LOVE you for that!

If you ever tried, you know that great acoustics is not too simple to achieve.  And this is what VOMO does – it delivers you that elusive great acoustics that your sound engineer is looking for.  Plus, it delivers it consistently, no matter where you are recording.

So, WHAT can VOMO do for me?

There are two major factors that get in a way of good audio recording:

1)      External noise;

2)      Reflected sound.

External noise is that air-conditioner, street traffic or a distant lawn mower.

Reflected sound is the echo that reverberates in your room the moment you make a sound.  That reflected sound or reverberation, gets recorded by your sensitive microphone just a tad later than your direct sound and it messes up the whole thing!

I am sure you know all that.   So VOMO takes care of it for you.

Even though it is not soundproof, and we recommend you to find the quietest place available, VOMO still cuts down about 7-10 dB of noise .  And this is nothing to sneeze at!

But the greatest wonder is the VOMO’s ability to remove “Room tone” and completely cancel any and all echo and reverberation in any environment.  We tested it in numerous most acoustically impossible locations and VOMO consistently delivered great results.  You can check some unbelievable places we recorded audio samples in on our VOMO Tour around the USA.

But HOW?

In VOMO we utilize tested and proven materials and design to assure that get acoustic treatment  100%, or 360 degrees. (BOTH actually!)

For sound absorption we use Producer’s choice acoustic blanket    material.  With NRC 0.8 (or 80% sound absorption).

Design features a popup construction that makes the booth set up and use very easy and practical.

The size was calculated to deliver maximum internal space with minimal “travel” size and the width is just enough to go through an airport security scanner.

Plus, it comes with accessories that allow you to adjust the position your microphone so it suits your voice (in all of the other booths you have to position yourself to accommodate the microphone!)

All these seemingly unrelated features taken together deliver unbeatable acoustic performance.

Here is how:

Voice Over Mobile booth open
Voice Over Mobile booth open

1 – Spacious Interior.  This is a big deal, because it allows enough room for the script/tablet and you do not need to look away from the microphone when you read,
Less obvious, but also extremely important, is that if you surround the mic too closely with sound absorption material, it tends to remove the high frequency sound, which results in an  audio recording with severe high frequency depletion.  Voice Over MObile  booth – VOMO has enough internal space to house your tablet and keep the sound absorption material far enough from the microphone.


Voice Actor Using VOMO.
Voice Actor Using VOMO. Mic positioned on the side.

2 – Adjustable Microphone position.  Ability to adjust the microphone position allows you to find that sweet spot that works best for your narration. This is especially important for book narrators to create a believable character, and that may require the voice actor to be a little father or closer to the microphone.  You can also position the microphone slightly on the side so you do not speak right into it.  And of course, this spacious interior of the portable vocal booth, combined with the ability to adjust microphone position allows you to use your favorite mic, no matter how large or small.  (Check our Microphone Compatibility Page ).   No other portable sound booth can do that.



VOMO with Sound Isolation hood
VOMO with Sound Isolation hood

3 – Sound Isolation Hood.  And finally, the Sound Isolation Hood covers voice actor all around, blocking sound reflections coming from all directions, and this is what allows to create a studio quality sound anywhere.  That Hood is not a flimsy piece of fabric that sits on your head, no-no-no! , It is a thick sound absorbing Producer’s choice acoustic material that is supported by specially designed rods, so it is not going to create a bad hair day for you!



So WHERE can I use it?

I thought you’d never asked! You can use it ANYWHERE!  Click here for a video about Air Travel with Voice Over MObile vocal booth.

VOMO is designed to be a portable carry-on vocal booth that sets up in seconds and can be easily put away.  The size was carefully chosen, so it can be taken on a plane as a carry on luggage.  We also supply various accessories to make sure that you have everything you need right there, and concentrate on your work.  VOMO can be used as a table model or it can be mounted on a microphone stand. You can use it in a car, and you can use it in a bar, you can use it here and there – you can use it ANYWHERE!

For YEARS I have been trying to find an inexpensive and portable solution to the perfect recording environment.  When I stumbled across your portable recording booths, I thought THIS IS IT! This is the answer that I have been looking for this whole time!   Charlette.

Thank you, Charlette, this is a new product and we already have customers writing songs about it!


How does it compares to other Portable Vocal Booths?

VOMO is proven to be the best portable vocal booth on the market today. Nothing beats sound quality and acoustic treatment  consistency of Voice Over Mobile booth when you travel, as well as its portability and durability.  If you do lots of traveling and like to record on the road, while you travel, VOMO is the tool you need to succeed.

It is not boxy or boomy as the other  acoustic foam based vocal booth.  It is not boxy as the booths with hard shell. It does not deplete the high frequency notes from your recording as closed up foam balls.

Professional Voice actors, who had tried all other products invariable find that VOMO is the best product delivering great value acoustically and financially.

This is why it is VOMO – is the best Voice Over MObile recording studio on the market!


VOMO Instructions Video

VOMO is obliGATORy for all travelling pros!

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