Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro

Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro



Solve your acoustical problems in seconds.

Do you need a portable vocal booth while traveling? Have little or limited space for a recording studio? Then the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro can solve your acoustical needs at home or on-the-go. And yes, the CoVB Pro is ready to use in just seconds — just zip out and use.
With the CoVB Pro, the voice over talent can record either standing or sitting since it has the option to be microphone mountable! Plus, this booth includes a mini boom and a holder for an iPad, smartphone or another of E-type reader. But, what really makes the CoVB Pro portable is that this mobile vocal booth forms into a handy and handsome travel bag — perfect solution for the voice-talent road warrior.

Why choose the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro? Here are 8 good reasons.


  • A one-piece unit. This booth is truly portable. This booth folds into an attractive portfolio bag ready to take on-the-road. Look professional and get your work done without fumbling with lose parts.
  • Constructed from Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets, not foam. The booth is not made from foam like other booths, but from specially designed Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets for highly efficient acoustic treatment without creating a boomy or boxy sound. Plus, sound blankets are washable! Spill your coffee inside the booth — not an issue. See more about Producer’s Choice Sound or Acoustic Blankets.


  • Roomy but lightweight. The CoVB Pro is one of the largest portable vocal booths on the market, but weights le2012-12 - covb use in a hotel with ipad holder 5ss than 12 lbs with tabldsc00840e base and about 8 lbs without. There is plenty of room for everything you need for recording on the road. And, everything fits into the built-in travel bag. No more losing gear. See more about the portability of vocal booths.
  • Completely mobile. Take the CoVB Pro anywhere and everywhere! Whether it is in the car, train or airplane, this booth can easily be stored in an overhead compartment or trunk. It is not big and bulky.
  • Quick to set up. CoVB Pro is built into a self-contained carry case of durable rip-stop nylon with only ONE zipper. When opened, the CoVB Pro has a full 22€h x 22w x 20d of totally functional, flat internal working space. See more about how easy this vocal booth sets up.
  • Use your own mic. A special mounting bracket is included for mounting this booth on any mic stand with or without a boom arm.
  • Includes internal light. A small fluorescent light is included that provides plenty of light so you can actually see inside the booth.


It isn’t just pretty. It makes you sound great!

The CoVB Pro is engineered from the same high-end acoustically designed Producers Choice Sound Blankets, and it prevents reflected sounds in a room from reaching the microphone. An additional benefit of this innovative booth is that the voice actor is actually working inside the CoVB Pro not just in front of it, like many other portable booths.

The CoVB Pro will not give you a boomy or boxy sound. Your clients will be amazed that you conducted recordings in this handy booth. The CoVB Pro is the perfect companion for singers, voice actors, tracking reporters and podcasters.


Click this video about setting-up the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro:


Don’t just take our word for it . . . .


dscf4142I’m a Busy Voice Over Mom and Coach, and the Carry-On Helps Me!

“I am so thankful for the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro I received at VO2013! I have found a way to utilize it in my house as a busy voice over mom and coach. My office and recording booth are in the basement. Now that I have a 5 month old, it has gotten more difficult to record voice over projects and coach my online students in my recording booth. I set up the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro in an area near my baby’s room and I am now able to record quality audio while she naps with no baby monitor static! Since the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro is so portable, I can easily move it around where I need it in the house. Thank you,!”

Nazia Chaudry
Voiceover Talent, Singer and Coach,

jamesalburgerI Like Yours (portable vocal booth) The Best!

“Your design [Carry-On Vocal Booth] is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I’ve seen. Harlan’s booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption . . . . I like yours much better!”


James R. Alburger
VoiceActing Academy, VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE),

marthakahn 184x184The Sound Is Dead On!

“Imagine my delight when my engineering hero, James Alburger commented on a recent Reader’s Digest narration I had done: “That was done using a Portable Carry On Vocal Booth? The sound was dead on!”  I rent my home and space is limited so the Portable Carry On Vocal Booth is perfect for me. It gives me very clean recordings without that boxy sound I have had in the past. Now I feel totally confident that I am delivering a professional clean sound… if it passes Jim’s ear, it’s good enough for me!”

Martha Kahn, Voice Actor,


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