Courvoisier Interviews VocalBoothToGo; Reviews Carry-on Vocal Booth

Courvoisier Interviews VocalBoothToGo; Reviews Carry-on Vocal Booth

Dave Courvoisier, well-known voice actor and KLAS-TV news anchor, recently interviewed’s President and Owner Adil Aliev about the history and growth of the company and its acoustic and soundproofing products, especially the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro. Courvoisier had the opportunity to review the portable booth in-person and was able to share feedback on his experience using the booth with Aliev during the interview and on his blog.


”Portable, yet fairly spacious and quick setup recording environment that truly works,” said Courvoisier in his blog, Biz Blog – Voice Acting in Vegas. ”Not only does it provide a dead space 270 degrees around your mic, but it does a wonderful job of keeping out ambient noise.”

During the Skype interview, Aliev showed off the spacious booth to viewers since he had his laptop positioned inside the booth. The size of the interior gives the user flexibility-of-use since it is roomy enough for a large laptop, mic and/or several other devices.

Courvoisier talked about his evaluation of theĀ Carry-on Vocal Booth and wrote the ”booth sets up in a snap, directions are easy, and customer service is readily available.”

He went on to say in his blog on how useful VocalBoothToGo’s portable vocal booth was especially when it came to working on-the-go.

”If I knew I had work to do on the road, I’d absolutely make the [Carry-on Vocal Booth] a part of my luggage. No question.”

Courvoisier’s blog includes tools, education and news/events for the voice over community. He has also become a resident expert in social media marketing and the voice over industry.

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