Voice Actor Wins Carry on Vocal Booth During Conference

Voice Actor Wins Carry on Vocal Booth During Conference

Voice actor Mark Smith had no idea that he would be traveling from the Mid-Atlantic Voice Over Conference in November with the one thing he needed to boost his voice-over career — a portable vocal booth. Mark’s lucky raffle during the event was pulled by VocalBoothToGo’s Gwen Farrell, and he was able to take home not only the Carry-on Vocal Booth, but the entire Voice Over Success Kit that includes other items helpful for audio recording such as a pop-filter and microphone stand.

mid-atlanticv0-132”I have told by numerous folks about being the lucky winner of the Carry-On Vocal Booth and it has traveled with me from VA to SC up to CT,” Marked ┬ásaid. ”Needless to say, it has already accrued some frequent flyer miles.”

Since the portable vocal booth was constructed for travel, Mark was able to fly and travel with his ultimate prize without trouble.

”I absolutely enjoy the luxury of having such an easy item to travel with and as you well know it folds up quite easily and it is very easy to pack. I have been looking at them for a few years and am very fortunate to win one.”

The Carry-on Portable Vocal Booth is constructed from Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets and not acoustic foam, which allows for the ease of use and portability as well as acoustical sound treatment.