Voice Over MObile Recording Studio – VOMO

How soundproof is the portable VOMO???

Post Dated:   May 22, 2024

Jeff from Vocal Booth To Go traveled the country, trying out the sound isolation of the VOMO, our portable carry on mobile recording studio in different noisy locations throughout the…

VOMO and VocalBoothToGo. Feature presentation.

Post Dated:   May 22, 2024

VocalBoothToGo presents innovative portable vocal booth - VOMO, Voice Over MObile Recording Studio, and other products for acoustic room treatments  for voice actors and audio producers.  Creators of Producers Choice…

Vocal Booth To Go & Podcast Movement 2018 – VOMO Video Review

Post Dated:   May 22, 2024

VOMO was a hit at the 2018 Podcast Movement Conference in Philadelphia where VocalBoothToGo go was specifically invited, by the demand of Podcasters and producers. We had to pleasure of meeting…

Soundproofing capacity of Voice Over MObile recording Studio – VOMO. Up to 10 dB noise reduction.

Post Dated:   May 22, 2024

We had a request to see how much the VOMO, Voice Over MObile Recording Studio, cuts out noise, so we  put it to a test to measure noise reduction in…

VOMO Introduction Animation Video

Post Dated:   May 22, 2024

Introducing VOMO, the best portable vocal booth on the market. VOMO can isolate you from even the most dramatic echos in your space, like a bathroom. It comes with everything…

Portable Vocal Booth VOMO Tames ECHO in Memorial Hall

Post Dated:   May 22, 2024

Echo, sound reflections, reverberations, flutter echo, comb filtering all these are problems that voice actor has to deal with to create a clear audio recording. Maybe your home studio sounds great,…

VOMO - Voice Over MObile Recording Studio

“The most Efficient Portable Vocal Booth I ever had!”
Dean Wendt

vocalboothtogo times square new york
Craters of the Moon welcomes the VOMO!
Rachael Naylor recording vocals with the VOMO, London, UK
Rachael Naylor recording vocals with the VOMO, London, UK
vocalboothtogo Vomo
VOMO on the wall in Bali, Indonesia
vocalboothtogo Vomo
VOMO at Niagara Falls
vocalboothtogo Vomo
Portable Vocal Booth in Cotton Field
vocalboothtogo Vomo
Utah's red rocks and VOMO!
vocalboothtogo Vomo
VOMO visiting the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, OH

Mario Filio, Voice Actor – Mexico

June 5, 2017

Mario came to us when we were attending the 2018 VO Atlanta conference as vendors. He was interested in our carry-on vocal booth, the VOMO, recommended by his college who already owned one. After talking with us about it, he purchased one and loves it! He posted many pictures on social media stating his affection for it and how he can use it anywhere to record his voice over sessions.
Mario is the voice for many popular Disney characters in Spanish language in Mexico. Some of his characters are Miss Piggy, Wreck-It Ralph, Goofy, Obi Wan Kenobi and Beverly Hills Chihuahua just to name a few. As you can see from the pictures, Mario loves his VOMO and puts his laptop inside the booth with a mic attached to a small microphone stand. There are many ways to use the VOMO and is a very flexible tool for voice over actors.”    



Our patented acoustic blankets are an alternative to expensive soundproofing. Often used by home owners to reduce outside noise. Also used by vocal professionals, engineers, and studios as an affordable soundproofing and absorption solution. We make your environment quieter for less.



Perfect for tradeshows and other short-term needs. Our portable recording booths and soundproofing solutions help keep your overhead costs down while increasing the quality of your on-site sound. Used by individuals, broadcasters, corporations, and many others. Our support team can help match a solution to your need.

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Sound proofing and absorption is one element of several needed for professional voice recordings. We offer bundled kits that save you time and money when looking for complete solutions. Our support team can help bundle a package that is right for you. Our startup kits help launch professional voice acting careers!